Part museum, part lecture theatre, the Discovery Centre at Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Serengeti is the first lodge-based conservation-education and research platform in the Serengeti and allows Four Seasons’ guests the chance to gain a greater insight into the Serengeti’s remarkable wildlife, people and history.

The museum’s focal point is a 3D, interactive, scale map of the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem, which visually explains to guests the movements of the Serengeti’s Great Migration. Visitors are guided through the Serengeti’s key attributes through a series of displays, exhibition boards and interactive presentations, complemented by daily wildlife documentary screenings and periodic expert talks in its state of the art, yet intimate, lecture space. The Centre also boasts an extensive reference and DVD library and fully-equipped photographic exhibition space (featuring winning images from our ‘guest photo of the month’ competition) as well as a 27-inch iMac, with image processing software, for guests to review and edit their images.

The aim of the Discovery Centre is to encourage guests to learn more about the work that researchers and conservation organisations do within the Park, and guests are able to contribute first-hand to on-going research through the Serengeti Cheetah Project’s identification program – the ‘Cheetah Watch Campaign’ – and take part in the Serengeti Lion Project’s camera trapping project – ‘Snapshot Serengeti’. The Discovery Centre is also the base from where the Lodge’s walking safaris are conducted; walking safaris provide guests with the opportunity to stretch their legs and to learn about the “small five”, traditional plant-use and Maasai culture, as well as set up camera traps – all in the safety and expert company of a naturalist guide, armed park Ranger and local Maasai warriors (guests can also learn more about, and book, game drives and balloon safaris).

Do you want to know how cheetahs can be recognized by the pattern of their spots, or how lions react to males with different length and colour manes, or maybe compare the grinding teeth of a giraffe with the sharp tearing ones of the big cats? Then visit our Discovery Centre during your stay as Oliver Dreike, Discovery Centre Manager welcomes guests from all ages to have a greater understanding of Africa’s animals.

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