FPO_SBT_047Things have been steadily drying out here in the Serengeti which means our watering hole has been getting busy; not just with elephants,  which have been almost hitting the hundred mark at lunch time in recent days, but also many other Serengeti residents Рmost recently including a lone lioness.

This time of year is great for predator sighting in our game viewing area and around central Seronera; as the grass is low and the prey species need to come down to the perennial rivers each day to drink, the predators just have to lie in wait for a meal to come their way! In August our Four Seasons Private Jet
guests, who were out on a photo safari with wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks were spoilt for cats on their first morning, with six leopard sightings, two cheetahs and more lions than they could count – and this was all before returning to the lodge for lunch!

The wildebeest are back on schedule and have been astounding guests with the iconic spectacle of the herds crossing the Mara River in their thousands. Many guests who have enjoyed an all day game drive up north, towards the Kenyan boarder to the Mara River, have been lucky enough to catch a “river crossing”, and watch as an unlucky few wildebeest do not make it across, but instead find their way into the waiting jaws of the huge crocodiles that inhabit the waters.

The Migration should spend the next couple of months in northern Serengeti and the Maasai Mara, until the clouds start to build in late October and the rain that follows brings them back down, past Four Seasons, to the southern Serengeti plains towards the end of the year.

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