JetIt was a much anticipated arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport recently, with the landing of the Four Seasons Private Jet. Beginning in Seattle, the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience Around the World Tour had first flown its 52 passengers to the cities of Tokyo and Beijing before an exotic stopover in the Maldives in the days ahead of the journey to Serengeti. With a busy three days spent embracing the very best of the wildlife and nature of the Serengeti, early mornings were spent out on a game drive to spot the first animal activity of the day, or soaring over the Serengeti Plains for a breathtaking panorama from a hot air balloon safari with Serengeti Balloon Safaris.

During time at the Lodge, recuperation from the long drives across the wilderness allowed guests time to relax by the pool to take in the views of the visiting elephants at the animal watering hole. For those seeking further engagement with the surrounding nature, guided walking safaris in the footsteps of roving wildlife were led by Discovery Centre Manager and Resident Naturalist, Oli Dreike, while a more tranquil pace was offered by our yogi Sajeesh as part of the  Sunset Kopje Nature Walk and Meditation.

To celebrate the final evening in the heart of the bush, a magical bush dinner with live Maasai performance was held under the gentle glow of lanterns and a warming bonfire, as a sundowner toast in front of the vast African sky marked the perfect finale to the safari adventure.

Continuing on its tour of eight countries is  24 days, the Four Seasons Private Jet departed for Istanbul, before calling at St Petersburg, Marrakech and the final stop of New York. To discover more about the Four Seasons Private Jet itineraries click here.

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