Gazing out over the endless plains of the Serengeti, tranquility is often found. In the heart of nature, far removed from the routine of the day to day, the Spa at Four Seasons Safari Lodge focuses on harnessing this serenity and offers a range of yoga and wellness classes to help guests disconnect and de-stress.

A perfect complement to the excitement of wildlife-spotting out on a game drive, each yoga or wellness class can be tailored to suit any level, and both group  and private sessions are available.

Yoga feature

From the combination of holistic mind and body experiences with therapeutic yoga massage n our Yoga Healing Class to Moonlight Meditation and Detox Yoga, there are options to suit all activity and energy levels.

For an excursion into the nearby nature, embark on a 75 minute outing with our yogi and Maasai for an unforgettable Sunset Kopje Nature Walk and Meditation. Guided to the top of a neighbouring kopje (a rocky hill), find  your pose in which to remain as the sun begins to set across the vast African sky. Concentrate on your breathing to fully connect with the moment, as you take in a mental souvenir of this spectacular view before returning to the Lodge.

For further information on a safari wellness vacation, see our Adventure and Rejuvenation package.

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