Being privileged to enjoy a location in the heart of the Serengeti, Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti aims to help protect the Serengeti for generations to come and to support the communities surrounding it. As such, the Lodge is fostering a network of relationships with nearby schools in partnership with the Serengeti National Park’s (SENAPA) Community Outreach Services Department. As part of this initiative, Four Seasons Safari Lodge, SENAPA and Abercrombie & Kent arranged for a total of 36 local school children to experience a two night stay at Lodge in April to take part in Conservation Education Programs.

Aged between 8 and 13, the three groups of 12 children came from all around the Serengeti as a reward for being the top performing children in their class. During the two night stay, the children were able to visit the Serengeti to learn about wildlife, conservation and tourism – and most importantly of all, to have fun!

The itinerary for the children began with a Lodge tour before they were able to partake in setting up a camera trap on the property to capture images of wildlife that passed through the grounds during their stay. Other interactive learning experiences included conservation talks and viewings of movies from SENAPA’s Community Outreach staff in the Discovery Centre. The children were also provided with iPads to practise taking photos ahead of their game drives, ensuring they would be able to capture their favourite wildlife moments. Led by our Abercrombie & Kent Guides, the game drives were a real highlight for the children, with every group seeing lions, a leopard, elephants, hippos, crocodiles and the arrival of the Migration into Central Serengeti; one group was even lucky enough to see a serval!

With tourism being the largest foreign exchange earner for Tanzania and the employer of one third of Tanzania’s labour force, Four Seasons is committed to supporting the development of Tanzania’s future, especially through the empowerment young Tanzanians. To further play our part in protecting and preserving the Serengeti, the Lodge has established a Discovery Centre Fund, which has the two specific aims of conservation and education. From this, some of the funds are put towards wildlife education programs for young members of the Serengeti community, such as the recent school visits.

Upcoming community projects for the Lodge include the provision of school bags and equipment, tree planting programs and the planning for further school visits next year.

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