While it may begin with a 4am wake up call, the beauty of a sunrise hot air balloon safari more than makes up for a shortened sleeping time, with breathtaking views showing the savannah in a whole new perspective from what is seen from the ground.

To begin this incredible adventure, an hour’s drive in the darkness journeys through the National Park to reach the launch site, just before sunrise.  Here, the team of Serengeti Balloon Safaris add the final blasts into the hot air balloons, in preparation for launch. A short safety briefing precedes climbing into the basket, and once everyone is aboard, the roar of the flames overhead continues to grow until the basket softly lifts off the ground, easing into flight.

From the air, the first rays of sunrise are seen and the pilot points out the movement of the early morning wildlife. From grazing gazelles to hunting lions, or lazing hippos, each hot air balloon safari has unique sights to offer. Throughout the hour’s flight, the pilot adjusts the height for diverse views, before easing back down to earth to be greeted by waiting vehicles for a transfer to the champagne breakfast site.

The hot air balloon safari with Serengeti Balloon Safaris is priced at 540 USD per person, inclusive of transfer to the launch site and a cooked breakfast with champagne after landing. Please note there is a transfer fee of $75+VAT per person to return to the Lodge after breakfast. Cancellation Policy – 14 days prior to flight no charge / 7-13 days 50% charge / 2-6 days 75% charge / Less than 48 Hours 100% charge.

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