Throughout the Lodge, Four Seasons is proud to showcase craftsmanship from a  number of local social enterprises, including Sidai Designs  – the exclusive partner on our new range of custom-designed jewellery; The Engata Collection.

Comprising a total of eight bracelets, The Engata Collection is now available at both the Lodge and Spa boutiques, retailing as from 45 USD. Guests may choose from either a 18K gold-filled chain or 18K gold-filled wire and white glass beads, both with their choice of coloured, beaded charm to complete their bracelet – each of which has been hand-made in the nearby town of Arusha.

Engata means ‘season’ in the local Maa language. This new collection of exclusively designed bracelets includes four different colours of beaded charm – each colour representing a different season; coral for summer, burgundy for autumn, turquoise for winter, and emerald for spring.

Sidai Designs is based in Arusha and employ the talents of Maasai women to assist them to support and sustain their families.

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