As a nature lover, Isack Mnyagabe always had his heart set on becoming a driver guide. “When I was 7, I was living with my brother in both Serengeti and Mikumi National Park. I found being surrounded by the animals and learning their way of life captivating, and from that point onwards, I knew I wanted to train to become a driver guide,” says Isack.

Hailing from Arusha, which is the closest city to the Lodge, Isack knows the region well. While he had the chance to live in different locations in the country when he was younger, once his interest in wildlife had been peaked, it was Tanzania’s largest game reserve, the Serengeti, that he set his sights on. “To know how far people travel from around the world to visit Tanzania and the National Parks makes me very proud. I couldn’t imagine not wanting to work in the safari industry.”

With his mind made up, Isack worked hard to complete his training to become a driver guide, always seeking to learn more about the animals and nature of the National Parks. In 2010, Isack’s dream became a reality and he was first appointed a driver guide in the Serengeti with Sanctuary Retreats. “My first time leading a game drive is a memory I will always treasure – I think I was more excited than the guests!”

In December 2016, Isack joined Four Seasons. “I had heard about the work Four Seasons was doing, especially with the Discovery Centre, and when I was offered a position, I jumped at the opportunity and was keen to become more involved in the educational process for visitors to the region.”

As part of his role, Isack is responsible for not only leading game drives around the Serengeti National Park, but also in leading the walking safaris from the Lodge. “On a walking safari you have the chance to see the nature in a completely different way than from a vehicle. It’s also one of my favourite activities, as there is more time for conversation and I have the chance to get to know people from all around the world and to hear their stories about what brought them to the Serengeti. I like to think that the memories they take from their experience will stay with them forever.”

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