Kinama Marite

Discovery Centre Supervisor Kinama Marite provides an insight into this year’s Green Season…

It is that time of year when the National Park transforms from a dry savannah into lush growths of green grasses and shrubs across the plains. The heavier and much-needed rainfall at this time of year sparks a re-birth in the growth of plants and trees, which in turn, serves to keep the wildlife well fed and nourished.

Green Season in Serengeti refers to January through March, with February and March typically seeing the most rainfall. However, following the November rains, the Park has not been as dry as previous years, with enough sustenance having been provided for the vegetation to last the past couple of months, making for beautiful landscapes across the Serengeti over the festive season.

At this time, the Great Migration continues its journey towards southern Serengeti preparing for February’s calving season – although early sightings of wildebeest calves have already been recorded just south of Seronera Airstrip.

Over the coming weeks, the clear air and dramatic rain clouds will make for ideal photographic conditions, not to mention that with such an abundance of food, the big cats are commonly found lazing in the central Serengeti, providing incredible game drives from the Lodge. It is one of my very favourite times of year.

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