While it may be the ‘big five’ that draws travellers from around the world to visit Serengeti, it is not only mammals that can be sighted in the National Park, with no fewer than 500 different species of birds to be found in the greater Serengeti area alone.

The Bare Faced Go Away Bird

With their love of thatch and dense trees, a number of bird species are often viewed at the Lodge itself, with some of the most common resident species often seen including Superb Starlings, The Bare Faced Go Away Birds, Speckled Mouse Birds and The Northern Crown Shrike.

To help educate guests on the local birdlife, the Discovery Centre team are launching new tours around the property that will run daily at either 6.30am or 4pm, lasting between 30 and 60 minutes.  The tours will follow the safety of the Lodge’s raised walkways, allowing participants to have an elevated view of birds in the surrounding trees.

Whether guests have an interest in bird watching or simply wish to learn more about the bird species resident to the Lodge, all are welcome to join the complimentary Trail.

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